Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fair Pics

My Cousins and I doing our Fair dance. This is the first night and we made it through to the next night too. My cousins and I next to PAUL WRIGHT, a famous christian singer, he is really cool and sweet
To my cousins and I Paul Wright is our IDOL!!! he ROCKS!!!

This is my cousins Carly Breach & Maddy Breach and I with maddy's friend Brenea all on one of the fair rides. It was called MONSTRides it was a blast ( it was a good thing Iwent to the bathroom first then went on the ride) This happend after the second and final night. The night that we lost the first place award. But we did come in second place and we got nothing. But it was sure fun going up there and doing that with my cousins.
Paul and I were just talking and now were listening to the band that was playing at that time. The shirts that my cousins and I are wearing is one of Paul Wrights shirts from one of his songs. It's a really good song it's called Sunset Cliff's.


Kristine said...

Hi Ash-

You can arrange your pictures however you like or even delete whichever ones. I think they turned out pretty good! :) I still don't have the video from Dan yet to upload to YouTube, but will let you know when I do. Hopefully can get it before you leave your g-ma's. HAVE A FUN WEEK!! Love you!
Kris & girls

Kristine said...

Cool Ashley! You did a great job 'splainin' =) Now you can give your friend your blog addy so they can come and see!!

Take care. We miss you already!

Kristine said...

OH YAY!! Hi sis, Kathy!! :) You're too funny. THANK YOU!! We really had fun changing up the blogs with scrapbooking paper =) I just had a friend create a watermark for me for free for my cards--I'm sooo stoked!! :) Heehee. So, how ya be?